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Ron DeSantis Zionist Agent

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Gov. DeSantis signs law cracking down on hate speech, says Florida ‘led the way’ fighting antisemitism

DeSantis signed the law, effective immediately, during an overseas stop in Jerusalem.

On the same day he delivered a keynote speech at the Museum of Tolerance in Israel, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law designed to curb a disturbing rise in antisemitism across Florida.

The measure (HB 269), titled “Public Nuisances,” makes it a felony to harass people for their religion or ethnicity. It also penalizes leaving flyers with hateful images, messages or any other ‘credible threat” on a person’s private property.

Despite arguments from the public that the bill, however well intentioned, hampers people’s First Amendment Rights, it ultimately cleared both chambers of the Legislature this month with unanimous support.

DeSantis signed the bill, effective immediately, during an overseas stop in Jerusalem while flanked by its two Republican sponsors, Delray Beach Rep. Mike Caruso and Palm Bay Rep. Randy Fine.

Gov. Ron DeSantis in the clip below: "We Will Make Changes To Our Law... We Won't Let Them Target Israel And Get Away With It."

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