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The Phoenix Bird

Donald Trump received a Crown of Jerusalem award on in July of 2023. It is called the "Keter" crown.  Keter is the equivalent of Elohim in the Kabbalah.  What I didn't realize until I investigated this is that the Jews teach a different creation story in the Kabbalah than that of the Bible. It's important to note that they use these rabbinical texts (Talmud, Kabbalah, Zohar) to interpret the Torah. This replaces the plain reading of the text, actually exalting their rabbinical teachings above the Bible.

Trump Crown Close Up.png

In their creation narrative they teach that God was created by Ein-Sof (nothingness, the unknowable God). Ein-Sof created Elohim, which to them is Keter, the top circle on the Kabbalah tree.  Why is this relevant, and why do we need to know this? Because the Kabbalah tree is the map of all their insane erroneous teachings about God and the end times. They have their own version of the end times scenario and a Messiah they expect, defined by their rabbinical writings.


I was pretty shocked to find out they say their Messiah comes from inner earth, or the underworld. They say he's been there for thousands of years. This would place him having gone there when Jesus defeated the powers and principalities back when he rose from the dead. This entity resides there because, I believe, he's restricted to be there for now. I think his true identity is probably Apollyon or Abaddon. Orthodox Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzdock says that the caves below Jerusalem are a portal to this underworld.  He astral projects quite a bit to talk to the entities there he says who are many species and among them "Reptilians". 


My video shows that the Jewish sources teach that their future Messiah is hiding out in "the bird's nest" in the inner earth and will rise to wage war and take vengeance for the Jews and establish their Kingdom on earth. What I noticed is that they say their Messiah will perform signs and wonders and that there will be a pillar of fire. We often overlook that the Bible says the end times menace character or the Beast, will do signs and wonders and call down fire. While it's the trend right now for folks to identify Donald Trump as the Antichrist, keep in mind that he hasn't done any miracles.  He's certainly a player, no doubt, and has his role. But he doesn't seem to fit the Biblical description of the Beast in full, unless he can pull off some miracles in the future.

My new video shows the scenario the Kabbalist Jews are expecting according to their own literature they claim is inspired. Does the average Jew believe this? I don't know, but what I do know is that their spiritual leaders do, and they are currently in power in Israel - Chabad Lubavitch. Interestingly they are of Russian descent.  And even more interesting is that President Putin of Russia is Jewish, as well as most of NATO. (See

I mention this because, as you know, Putin often equates the West with Satan while claiming to have virtuous values over there in Russia. Well, the Kabbalists just so happen to believe that Rome is Edom and they equate Rome with the Christian West. The Jewish sources show that their Messiah will destroy the Christian West, which they claim is Edom. One device currently being used is immigration and hoping that the Muslims will clash with the Christians, which is pretty much the case in London where Muslims have taken over.  And places like France are an absolute mess.  This is what they want.


They need a cataclysmic event to bring in their hero to save the day. A war maneuver on Rome and or the Christian West would make their prophecies look like they came true. 33rd degree Mason Manly P. Hall revealed that the plan is to take down America.  Read his book here called The Secret Destiny of America.  Luciferian New Ager Alice Bailey predicted the year 2025 for these cataclysmic events to take place.  Albert Pike predicted three world wars.  The occultists all are looking forward to the Phoenix bird that will rise from the ashes.  The bird in the underworld fits the Phoenix bird description quite accurately in Shemot Chapter 15 of the Zohar.

Read my article about the bird here: 

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