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I am sure by now you've probably heard all the Simpsons and Soda Can Prophecies concerning Maui. Also, by now you've heard of the "DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) conspiracy theories.  To top it all off, our president makes a bizarre tweet saying that they will be "laser focused"  on getting aid to the survivors.  That's a strange choice of words!

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What's being overlooked is that, "The Hawaiian Island chain is the singularly most significant military outpost for the entire United States Military Industrial Complex."  Says Former Marine infantry man, Jamie Walden. In an interview with Dave Hodges he reports on why Maui was a strategic hit in order to prepare for a future invasion of the U.S.A. See their full interview at the video below:

Some of the points Jamie Walden made during the interview are listed below:


The United States Indo-Pacific Command, (USINDOPACOM), is the largest combatant command center of the entire U.S. military.  There's one base for every branch on the Hawaiian Islands.  There's eleven bases total in Hawaii alone.

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They are 86,000 acres dedicated to just military personnel.

77% of all civilians in Hawaii work for the military bases or some form of DOD contracting.

It is the most militarily concentrated place in the U.S. per capita.

It is the greatest strategic land mass for a forward operating base against the US mainland by any foreign adversary.

Whoever controls Hawaii controls all the Pacific, which controls the shipping lanes from the Atlantic through the Panama Canal over to Asia.

All the shipping lanes shoot right out of the Panama Canal and come right across the territorial waters of the Hawaiian Islands, all the way over the Asian mainland.

The Barking Sands missile testing ranges are on the Hawaiian Islands. Barking Sands is a 42,000 square mile testing range where ARPA operates DOD advanced research programs.  Where all missile testing goes on. 

Also, where all the Directed Energy weapons are housed.

Diamond Head Deep Underground Military Base is located there.

Maui alone has:

Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), does all satellite based weapons testing and does near earth & outer space tracking. It has our Directed Energy Weapons.  It also has the Maui Space surveillance Complex, which is the number one complex for tracking man made space objects in the entire United States Military Dept. of Defense and even our Aerospace Industry.

Home of the Space Force Command. Space Surveillance Complex.

High performance computing center. The fifth most powerful computing center on the face of the earth. What it is responsible for is all the Aerospace tracking, identification, firing, missile launching and testing and Directed Energy Weapons. 

Jamie Walden goes on to say, "It has strategic importance as to why Maui needs to have it's eyes poked out and it's ears slapped, it needs to be made blind and deaf."

Maui is home to the DOD's largest optical telescope for tracking man made objects in outer space, and this is Maui alone.

Maui Observatory.png

The Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing site at Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii. Facilities shown include the Advanced Electro-Optical Telescope, the Maui Space Surveillance System, and one of three Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance sites.

Jamie Walden said he once served as a Firefighter Paramedic and was a Rescue Technician as well as a Hazardous Materials Technician.  He fought many vehicle fires, on average they would have at least two vehicle fires a week.  He never once has seen dripped metal on burnt to the ground vehicles, but in Maui, the full thickness of the aluminum wheels were burnt into the pavement.  He never saw this one time during all his years of firefighting.  He said even the worst fires are not hot enough to melt metal or clay tiles.

Attacking Maui sets the stage for a kinetic invasion of the West Coast.  The Chinese made it no secret that they plan an attack on San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and all the way up into the Columbia River Gorge. They talked about this openly according to Jamie Walden and Dave Hodges.

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