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See my banned video from YouTube called
The Mystery of Israel

coming out of

Here's a list of Resources that are hard to find that give information you can't find anywhere else.  This is unique information for the serious researcher.

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Talmud Verses

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The Jewish Satanists Behind

Covid, Migrants, Transgenders & Ukraine

The roots of trans ideology The ideal jewish-Kabbalistic form is a seemingly oxymoronic 'male androgyne,' with the male as ontically prior and the female being, at most, a temporary manifestation of the human/cosmic form to be erased at the time of redemption. Dr J. Michaelson, Kabbalah and Queer Theology

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See more fliers like these at:
Disclaimer, this does not mean that I necessarily agree with everything on Goyim TV.

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Martin Luther The Jews and Their Lies.png

Read Martin Luther (of the Reformation) actual book, free, click photo.

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Read DeAnne Loper's Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know book free on line, click the graphic

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