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By Musa Dan Fulani There is no any Pastor or Church that got me converted from Islam to Christianity. I got converted through the meditation on both the two books (Quran & Bible) My name is Musa B. Musa am Fulani by tribe, but why did I gave my life to Christ ? Simply because Islam gives no guarantee of salvation, because Islam recognizes that Jesus is the word of God, "so God the messiah" therefore the Savior Quran 3:45, unlike Muhammed, Jesus has lived 33 years without ever sin. Because where Muhammed recommends killing of enemies Quran 9:5 Jesus recommend loving them Matthew 5:44, because Muhammed just affirm, but Jesus has confirm His words with all kinds of miracles and resurrection. Because Muhammed is asking Muslims to turn to Christian to get the truth Quran 10:94. Because despite Muhammed claims to be the seal of prophets, he is dead and will never return, but Jesus will come back and redeem those who follows Him (even according to Islam). Because despite Jesus Christ was surrounded by several women, He did not seek to have sex with them unlike Muhammed, because until this day, the name of Jesus delivers all kinds of captivity unlike the name of Muhammed. Because there is a light and guidance in the gospel (Bible) Quran 5:46, because those who refuse to believe in what God has revealed in the gospel (Bible) are the unbelievers Quran 5:47 Because Muhammed recognizes that he doesn't know where he and Muslims will be after death Quran 46:9 My brothers and sisters, only Jesus Christ saves, He is the way the truth and the life, He loves you and wants to save you, accept Him now before it will be too late.....Shalom!!!

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