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The above video "Belly of the Beast" is not one of my videos, but it had so much excellent information that I wanted to list it here.  I disagree with their guess work in the end about how the final Beast will emerge, but all of their historical information is top notch.

Prophecies about America

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The androgenous statue of Lucifer was built on a star fort.  It's base is in the shape of a Hendecagram. In geometry, a hendecagram (also endecagram or endekagram) is a star polygon that has eleven vertices. It  corresponds to the Kabbalah's Qliphoth Kabbalah Tree design.

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The Qliphoth

In the ZoharLurianic Kabbalah, and Hermetic Qabalah, the qlippoth (Hebrew: קְלִיפּוֹת, romanized: qəlīppōṯ, originally Jewish Babylonian Aramaic: קְלִיפִּין, romanized: qəlīppīn, plural of קְלִפָּה qəlīppā; literally "peels", "shells", or "husks"), are the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism, the polar opposites of the holy Sefirot.[1][2]

The realm of evil is called Sitra Achra (סִטְרָא אַחְרָא sīṭrāʾ ʾaḥrāʾ, the "Other Side") in Kabbalah texts.

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In the Kabbalistic cosmology of Isaac Luria, the qlippot are metaphorical "shells" or "peels" surrounding holiness. They are the innate spiritual obstacles to holiness, and receive their existence from God only in an external and circumstantial manner, rather than an internal and direct manner. In this sense, qlippot have a slightly beneficial function, as much like a peel protects a fruit, so do the qlippot technically prevent the flow of Divinity (revelation of God's true unity) from being dissipated as it permeates throughout the various facets of Creation. Nevertheless, as a consequence, the qlippoth conceal this holiness, and are therefore synonymous with what runs counter to Jewish thought, like idolatry, impurity, rejection of Divine unity (dualism), and with the Sitra Achra, the perceived realm opposite to holiness.

 It was believed that the Shekhinah (God's presence) is separated from the Sefirot by man's sins, while in Lurianic Kabbalah it was believed the Shekhinah was exiled to the qlippot due to the "shattering" of Divinity into Tohu and Tikun, which is a natural part of its cosmological model of Creation. Source: Wikipedia

This in turn causes the Sephirot's various "Sparks of Holiness" to be exiled in the qlippot as well, thereby causing these respective qlippoth to manifest as either the qlippot nogah or qlippot hatme'ot. From there, the qlippot nogah would be redeemed through the observance of mitzvah, whereas the qlippot hatme'ot would be indirectly "redeemed" through abiding by the negative prohibitions put forth by the 613 commandments. In addition to righteous living, genuine repentance also allows the qlippot to be redeemed, as it retrospectively turns sin into virtue and darkness into light, and thus deprives the qlippot of their vitality. Source: Wikipedia

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'According to Lurianic Doctrine, when all the Sparks of Holiness are freed from the qlippot, the Messianic era will begin.' Source: Wikipedia  How will the sparks be freed from the Qulippot?  They believe that Christianity is Edom and that Christianity will be destroyed.

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