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About Me

I'm a Born Again Bible Believing Christian who has been who has been doing as Jesus instructed, to WATCH and PRAY.  I have been watching end times events since 1980 when I first became Born Again.  During all that time I wondered how the whole World would come under the control of the Beast.  Now I see it happening!  It is so startling.  My biggest surprise was to find out how asleep and blind the Church is being.

I do not have professional video recording equipment so I don't appear very often in my videos. I only make very brief video clips from my cell phone which i have to hold because I don't even have a device to hold it in. it's all quite amature because I initially only started my website for my social media friends since I was getting most of my content banned. I got tired of it so I asked my friends to give me their emails so they could subscribe to my newsletters.  My newsletters  basically just alert you to any new content that i might have put out. please forgive my eye rolling, i am Italian, and because i can't talk with my hands due to having to hold the camera, i talk with my eyes. i roll my eyes because some of the stuff the enemy comes up with that the lost are gullible enough to believe, is downright crazy! I ask myself, how can people go along with all this stuff? Well, the answer to that is, that if you reject jesus christ then what apostle paul said comes to pass, "Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools...".

To read about my conversion testimony go here.

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